Happy Healthy Birthday to Teresamisu!


It was my birthday and all I can say it was one of the best ones! I’m not fussy about celebrating but this year it was quite a unique and special day.

Not only did I spend the whole day working on my voice and acting/presenting skills which is a lot to do with letting go and having a complete emotional release as well. I went out of my comfort zone, shouted, sang and did all sorts of weird sounds which was a very different way of spending the B day. By the end of the class I went through emotions like anger, sadness, happiness and complete gratitude. Coming home with a mix of emotions my friends and my better half took me to this absolutely beautiful restaurant where we had probably 10 different dishes. With a hand full of balloons and belly full of goodness we went back home and started with the usual birthday drinks, but it wasn’t over yet!


Momma surprised me with the cutest flash from the past video with clips of when I was a tiny blondie dancing throughout the day. Than my boyfriend Ziga has surprised me with the most delicious healthy Nutella cake that he made himself… You have to understand that I always do the cooking and baking in our relationship, so obviously he is a complete beginner. This was absolutely the best present to me because he made the effort to step into my world and try to create one of the recipes from Teresamisu. He decided he will make a healthy Nutella cake and it was just the cutest thing when he told me the troubles he went through. One of them was that the cake didn’t rise, so we just called it a very tasty pie! The Carob teddy bear you see on top of the cake is called Banjo which is a thing we have… I usually get it once in a while instead of flowers, he knows the way to my heart is through my stomach as well!

The night ended with a lot of dancing, coming home late and of course finishing the creamy and crunchy cake! I couldn’t wanted a better birthday. Thank you!

Recipe for Healthy Nutella Cake