Darc Hair: Best Hair Salon in Auckland


This is not a recipe, but it’s a recipe for hair looking smokin hot! When you move it’s always a struggle to find basic routine stuff all over again. It’s a big pain finding a hair dresser who you can trust. But luckily I stumbled upon a really good one on the corner of Old Mill Road and Garnet with beautiful vintage doors which open up to your daily dose of pretty. Darc Hair – for me the best hair salon in Auckland.

This eclectic and creative salon with award-winning stylists is now my go to 3 hour beauty rehab. I really admire girls who take very good care of their hair and have million of products to help them, unfortunately I’m just not one of them. It’s my pantry thats full of products from where I usually sneak coconut oil and try to revive my sometimes silly looking bob. I leave the coconut oil on damp hair for about 20min, wash it off and shampoo again.

But when my hairdo gets too funky it’s time for my monthly visit to a friendly easy environment, where I just sit for three hours and sip their delicious tea. And thats it, here is my wavy, bouncy little thing when James does his magic! So my recipe for the smoking hot hair do? A very good hair dresser and coconut oil (when it’s not too late!) 🙂