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cakes + muffins 17. 4. 2019

Vegan Chocolate Roll

Am I pushing it by making our traditional roll or "potica" completely vegan and with a healthy twist? I guess I am, but it's just because I live in New Zealand and these ingredients are more accessible and wallet friendly. The traditional recipe is now vegan and sugar free. I used coconut for the filling and chocolate for the beautiful dark dough colour, spelt flour and coconut sugar. Healthy potica? Yes this will be on the menu for our New Zealand Easter celebrations, which we in fact spend on the beach. Sorry, not sorry.

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"Am I raw, vegan, vegetarian or if I count calories?" I answer "I'm a person who eats!"

I avoid modern dietary labels such as paleo, lchf, etc. My philosophy is simple - my menu is always combined with fresh seasonal ingredients that awaken positive energy in the body and bring a smile onto our faces....

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